My Favorite Makeup Products

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 12:26am by katemelican




1. Naked Urban Decay Basics

When shopping for eye shadow I spent a lot of time deciding between the Naked Basics and the first Naked Pallet. The first Naked Pallet had all the colors I knew I needed, plus some, but so did the Naked Basics. I had no idea which one to get. The idea of having more is always appealing, but I have never been a heavy eye shadow user, so I went with the Basics. It was a good choice. For anyone who likes neutrals in matte, this is the Naked Pallet to go with. Urban Decay has been a brand known for their eyeshadows since I started wearing makeup, so the quality never disappoints. The colors go on just thick enough and spread consistently.


2. Sephora Eye Lash Curler

Never in my life had I used an eyelash curler before my last trip to Sephora. When not wearing makeup my eyes are really little and don’t really stand out. After applying mascara and eyeliner, they pop. So, when doing makeup I am always heavy on the Mascara. The makeup consultant at Sephora convinenced me to give an eye lash curler a try and I have defiantly noticed a difference. It does everything it is supposed to, both curls lashes and lifts them.


3. OPI Fall Colors

If I do my nails at home I have to use OPI. I am SO bad at doing my own nails. I get distracted and never let them dry, plus I never can get the coats smooth or even. OPI makes a huge difference though. I could not believe how much better the nail polish goes on compared to the cheaper brands and it drys a comparable amount faster. It is a splurge I defiantly recommend.


4. Dot By Marc Jacobs Lotion

I got this dot by Marc Jacobs lotion a few years ago as a gift and have been using it ever since. It smells great without being too over powering and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. They sell the perfume and lotion in a gift set certain times a year, so you can get the combo for a bargain.


5. Clinique Lotion and All About Eyes

For me, moisturizing is a major priority. I have always used Clinique’s three step skin care system and have been really happy with it. The moisturizer is the final of the three steps. Clinique makes both a lotion and a gel moisturizer, but I like the after feeling of the lotion much better. The lotion absorbs really well compared to the gel. I’ve always had really dry skin and this lotion/skincare system is great for that.

Looking for a great starter eye cream? Try All About Eyes. It works to moisturize the super delicate skin around your eyes and also uses caffeine to move the dark pigment away from those troubling circles. I always feel a sense of rejuvenation after applying All About Eyes.

Lotion (HERE)

All About Eyes (HERE)

6. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

I must have the most boring, blah hair ever and all I want is luscious, big locks. For years I have been trying a variety of products, combined with teasing and round brushing to try and get the volume I crave. I like this dry shampoo for a quick and easy fix to get a little something extra out of my hair. To get major volume this is not the product, but if you are heading out for the day and can’t stand being completely flat, this is for you.


7. Clinique Blush

When I got my first set of makeup, my mom took me to the Clinique counter. I was 12 or 13 and SOO excited. While I have found a lot of other brands that do great things for me, Clinique has made a lasting impression when it comes to skincare and blush. Clinique blush is just soft enough but just strong enough that you get the perfect combination of color. The powder is light and fluffy at the touch, so it applies great and is a really good price!!


8. Erase Paste By Benefit

If you have problems with dark circles I strongly recommend Erase Paste. The container does not seem like it has much product, but it literally lasts forever and is excellent at covering up circles. I used to think my circles were all you could see on my face, but this concealer really does a lot to make things disappear. I have a yellow pigment to my skin, so it can be hard to find products that counter act that, but erase paste is perfect.


 9. Make Up Forever Mascara, Dior Mascara, Define A Line Maybelline

I am all about bold, dark eyes. Creating them this one of my favorite things when applying makeup, so I use this trio to create my eye look both day and night. These products are great because the more you apply the darker and more dramatic it can get.  Make Up Forever Mascara does a really great job at elongating the lash, where Dior does a really great job at thickening and darkening. I think a lot of it has to do with the shape of the brush. These two go really well together. Define A Line is my all time favorite Eyeliner. I have tried several brands, both liquid and pencil, but nothing has been as satisfying as this product by Maybelline. I like how the eyeliner is retractable, so no sharpening is needed. Plus, it is really soft so it glides on smoothly and can be smeared just the way you want it without killing your skin.

Make Up Forever (HERE)

Dior (HERE)

Define A Line (HERE)

10. Benefit’s Gimme Brow 

I am so envious of people with thick brows. I think they are so gorgeous. This brow gel by Benefit helps me create the dream brow.


11. Nars Bronzer

Who doesn’t love that sun kissed glow a bronzer gives you? I cannot imagine using any other bronzer. This one by Nars is to die for. It is the perfect color and prefect weight, so it is really easy to apply without over-doing it. They make laguna (lighter shade) and casino (darker shade), so you can decide what is the best amount of color to give your skin that extra pop of color we all love.


12. Bobbi Brown Foundation

Foundation can be tricky because there are so many different aspects that go into picking the right foundation for you. For me, I look for a product that is liquid, has an SPF and is light weight. I cannot stand when I feel like I have a cake face or when foundation is greasy. Because of my dry skin, it can be hard for me to be satisfied with a foundation. I obviously do not want anything that is going to dry me out even more. Bobbi Brown has been the perfect foundation for me, it has everything I could ask for. I would recommend having a cosmetic consultant at your makeup shop to help you pick what is best for you.


13. Watt’s Up Highlighter 

Watt’s Up by Benefit is a great way to get your cheek bones to stand out. It works with your typical brozer/ blush routine to contour a great bone structure. It creates the best soft glow one could ask for.



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