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Posted on Oct 21 2014 - 1:23pm by katemelican

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.22.00 AMI do my shopping at an array of stores from online to specific boutiques in Louisville. While I have stores that I frequent at, I don’t have one particular go-to. I feel that buying pieces from a variety of stores will help to create variety in a closet. The beauty of incorporating various pieces together is that you will get various looks. That way you won’t feel like you’re wearing the same thing every day. Because I have a pretty set style, I know exactly where I can go to find what I want. I have been able to see what I think a store does well and then I know exactly where to go when looking for something specific.

My Current Top 5 Places to Shop in Louisville

1. Monkee’s of Louisville: Monkee’s is my absolute favorite store to shop at. They have everything from accessories and bags, to casual tops and to cocktail dresses. They carry all my favorite brands (Ali Ro, Gretchen Scott, Sail to Sable, Kensie, Elizabeth McKay) so a trip to Monkee’s can be dangerous! It is always where I go to find an outfit for a specific event because they have the cutest, super unique stuff. Tip: Keep an eye out for Monkee’s Sales, they are unbeatable.

2. Nordstrom Rack: I love Nordstrom Rack for a shopping trip on a whim. Nordstrom Rack has really great inventory in the way of shoes and accessories. While I would not recommend shopping here for something really specific, it is hands down the best for getting good brands at half the price of the Nordstrom Department Store. Tip: Visit the purse section for really cute Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Micheal Kors etc. bags at prices you will not be able to say no too.

3. Work the Metal: I recently discovered Work the Metal in the Butchertown area of Louisville. It is a hidden gem that needs to be exposed if you ask me. They have SO much really cool stuff. From home goods, to adorable earrings and clothes, to Chocolate, Work the Metal has it. The store goes on forever, room after room and each is just as cool as the last. Tip: Great place to go for gifts. Hello christmas shopping!!!

4. Anthropologie/ Madewell: I am totally not a mall person. However, when I am not striking out at the local boutiques, I venture to the mall and these are the stores I head to. The Oxmoor Mall in Louisville has undergone a huge transformation in the past 10 years. I remember being a little girl shopping with my friends and St. Matthews (the other mall) was the place to go. Now, it is Oxmoor. The mall has welcomed so many needed big names in the past few months including H&M, Kate Spade, Madewell, Micheal Kors and Lululemon (opening in November), making it a decent place to go. However, it won’t be until the day we get a Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus that I will be won over.

5. Versona: This is one of my favorite places to go for both a spur of the moment shopping trip and a specific venture. They have EVERYTHING here I swear. This can be both good and bad. Shopping on a whim, you won’t leave empty handed. However, I can’t promise you won’t be overwhelmed because they have so much stuff. If you are going for something specific, you will probably find it. They are mainly an accessory boutique but they have some cute clothes as well. Best of all, everything is so CHEAP ($15 awesome statement necklaces, $35 dollar sweaters)!! Tip: Go with a game plan and while shopping, break the store off into small sections. Start with one and then move to the next.

My Current Top 5 Online Stores

1. Revolve Clothing: Revolve is kind of like my online Monkee’s. They carry all of my favorite brands, plus some. They have everything from shoes, to jeans to dresses and there is so much of it, you are sure to fill up your shopping bag. Another great thing about Revolve is that they really do not cater to one particular style. I guarantee that everyone can find something here and it will be tready, forward and unique. Tip: Take advantage of the filter setting so you can narrow the results down to things that will really work for you.

Visit Revolve HERE

2. J. Crew and J. Crew Factory: Who is not a J. Crew fan??? J. Crew is great. They have such classic pieces, the best cuts, exciting details and great sales. J.Crew is really great for basics, but really great for a standout outfit too. I love shopping at J.Crew for their outerwear, basic tees, sweaters, jeans, dresses and fun tops. Okay, so basically for everything in my entire closet. While I do the majority of my J.Crew shopping on the factory website, (the prices are better) the traditional J. Crew website offers a wider range of products spunk and flair. Tip: Shop the factory website first, then the J.Crew website.

Visit J.Crew Factory HERE

Visit J. Crew HERE

3. Tuckernuck: Need fashion inspiration where you can actually find the products? Then #tuckernucking is for you. I truly think Tuckernuck offers the best lookbook out there. A lot of other stores turn their lookbook’s into a beautiful, but yet impractical runway show. Tuckernuck gives you things you can wear, and shows you how to wear them. If you like simplicity, unique detailing, elegant fits and classic staples, you will love Tuckernuck. It is truly the one stop shop for the tried and true prep. Tip: Shop right away if you want a cookbook look, a lot of them will sell out. If you are on the fence about something, wait and see if it goes on sale.


4. ASOS: I have done a lot of shopping on ASOS over the years. Their product style is always evolving with the current trend. ASOS can be as cheap as you want it, or as expensive as you want it and they will have whatever you want. When I shop on their website, I usually am looking for something specific and take advantage of every single filter option I can. What keeps me coming back is that the website usually turns up a pretty fair amount of really cute results. Tip: This is a great place to shop if you want summer pieces in the winter or winter pieces in the summer.


5. Gap: Gap is kinda like J.Crew in the sense that I do not know who could not love it. Gap is THE place to go for basics. You can expect a higher quality than a comparable stores and a comparable price. Gap jeans have turned into my favorite jeans over the years, but I also love their sweaters, slub tees and workout clothes. Tip: You have to shop Gap during a sale. Everything will go one sale and it goes for so,so cheap.

Visit Gap HERE

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